Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SBRI Challenge And Our Healthcare Project

We are delighted to announce that Adit Limited has won proof of concept funding under an SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) challenge and we are looking forward to working with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to complete this important project over the coming months and years.

The “press release” goes like this:

Health And Patient Treatment Information Centre (HAPTIC)

The SBRI challenge to enable nurses to spend 10% more time with patients in direct value added care struck an immediate chord with Adit Ltd. The challenge lies in implementing a major change to systems and procedures on a busy ward, in contrast to the more usual static office environment. This requires something different, even if some of the foundations are familiar. HAPTIC will deliver user (patient and staff) friendly systems to support an environment thriving on constantly changing priorities and clinically urgent interruptions. 

HAPTIC will ensure that patients and their carers are always at the centre of the solution by delivering a consistent set of services at the nurse station and at the bedside. Using light, modern tablets for bedside delivery to the nurse, patient or carer, backed up by intuitive software that maximises the support given to the nursing team, with minimal input or break in the work-flow. Through HAPTIC, Adit Ltd identified opportunities to apply modern location technology and precise patient identification as a start point. Building a resilient software solution founded upon accurate, and up to the minute, patient data then became realistic even in this challenging environment. Focused, interactive applications enhance the user experience, enables near real time patient feedback and facilitates co-production of care.

Our project seeks to add value at every step ensuring that the nursing and medical teams make the gains they need to deliver enhanced patient care.

What we really want to communicate is just how pleased we are to working with a great team at BCUHB and how much we are looking forward to blowing them away by demonstrating just what we can do to enhance the ward routine and assist them in improving patient outcomes.

Now comes a ton of hard work as we have a remarkably short time slot to deliver on our promises with sample software and technology evaluations. It is going to be an exciting ride.

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