Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Adit Limited revamps and repositions

We are pleased to announce that Adit Limited has transferred the ownership of some significant IP (Intellectual Property) in the form of copyright to one of our long term business partners Marston's plc. This transaction will allow Marston's greater freedom to enhance some key customer facing services and develop new ways to deliver those services. 

Adit Limited are also transferring all IP in the Sea Kayak Wales website together with all associated maritime mobile apps to the business trading as Anglesey Stick. In addition, certain legacy products that have reached the end of their lives will be withdrawn from sale (or free download) and no new support contracts for those products will be agreed.

Adit Limited will take advantage of associated reductions in their legacy code base and anticipate that this will result in greater freedom to restructure and subsequently include new shareholders. We are re-inventing the company as a software startup focused on out HAPTIC venture and the healthcare market.